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About Gee Digital

Established in 2000, we consider ourselves a team, not a company. The actions of one reflect the actions of all. We are a family focused, proudly Australian independent digital agency - from the start. Across the landscape of digital there is a lot of noise, and what we do is cut through all of that to deliver amazing omnichannel results.

We come armed with extensive experience and extremely good talent which is both elastic and agile, and hungry to exploit the opportunities digital presents for business. Gee is boutique, and we want to stay that way, focused and in control of what our clients trust us with. There is no set and forget. Constant accountability, constant transparency. We are great at solving digital problems, and presenting digital opportunities which are tried, tested and proven.

We also believe time in the digital world works differently, like dog years. In our opinion 1 calendar year equals 10 (TEN) years of digital experience. So really we have been in business nearly 180 years!

Giving back to the community

Our Chairman, Efrem Goldhammer OAM is also Chairman Emeritus and founder of RCH1000.

The Royal Children's Hospital of Victoria is an iconic paediatric institution and is world renowned for its medical skills and care. In order to continue to be at the forefront of medical advances, research is essential. We are proud to support this incredible initiative and welcome anyone interested in learning more. Please contact us or visit the site for more information.

Gee is also proud to support:
Community Security Group Victoria Anti-Defamation Commission

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